In up coming days what we will learn.
we will create some new project first we create ecommerce project which is based on laravel 10 and bootstrap 5.
you can see the project preview on my GitHub page.
lets show you the page.
so go to the and search
surfside media GitHub
Here is my GitHub page link
so click this first link
now click on repositories
and here you can see the laravel10ecommerce project repositories now open it
I have share the project template through this repository
you can download this repository and make this wonderful project with me step by step.
and on the bottom of the page
here is the link, for preview the site
Now lets open this link
and here the home page of the project
this is the desktop view
if I open it on mobile its look like a mobile app.
lets check
so click on inspect element now click on this link
and you can see here the mobile view
now go back to the desktop view
here is the shop page
click on any product
here is the product details page
this is cart page and here is the Wishlist page, blog page and blog details page
So this is the template that we will use to create an ecommerce project.
There is another project which has been made for the kids.
We will also see how I have made this project?
Lets see the project, so go to the
and search surfside media calculator
now open this first link.
make sure the domain is
Now open it by clicking on the first link.
you will see this home page of the project.
Still this is incomplete project
But in this project about 100 types of math problem solvers and practice sets have been created
for children.
Let's look at some of them to see how they work.
if any one wants to solve the addition, subtraction, multiplication,
division, HCF, LCM and want to see what are the steps for solving the
maths problem
this application will show the maths solutions with steps
let see first check the lcm 40,24,56,32,45,36
so enter any numbers separated with comma
now for getting the result and solving steps click on this button
and here is the result
you can see the steps and the result
Now lets check HCF
Enter any numbers for HCF 4565450, 25
Now hit the button
and here is the Hcf of these numbers and also its showing the steps
in same way you can checkout the other maths problem from visit this page
you can also generate the maths problem for making the question set for student
for that lets go to the generate section and from here can generate these maths
and practice set from here
if you want to generate addition click on this link
enter No of elements
min number
max number
and no of sample
now click on generate
and here is the questions generated according to this criteria
in same way using this application you can generate these all
you can checkout to visit this page
now lets see another one
which is generate pictorial question for kids
From this menu Generate practice set you can generate practice sets for kids
Like generate count pictures and write, pictorial addition or
subtraction and so on so
Lets click on any one
I am going to open this generate count and write
And here you can enter the criteria like min , max, no of sample
and then click on generate
You can see here the practice set for count and write in which there
are 100 questions
you can checkout the other practice sets from visit this page
Check one more link
Go to dashboard and lets open this one
Generate Choose Match Shape With their Right Name
You can see here on the left side shapes and right side are their name
Now this is for match right shapes with their name by drawing a line Like this
I you want to generate new practice set just click on re generate
And it will show you every time different practice set.
So go to this URL and check out the all functionality of this application.
We will learn both these projects step by step in the coming days.