In this video we are going to learn about Show Processing Message When Placing an Order.
So lets see how can we Show Processing Message When Placing an Order.
For that switch to project and lets open the CheckoutComponent view file.
And here before the Place Order Now button add the following code

<div wire:ignore id=\"processing\" style=\"font-size:22px; margin-bottom:20px;padding-left:37px;color:green;display:none;\">
<i class=\"fa fa-spinner fa-pulse fa-fw\"></i>

Now in form add the following code

<form wire:submit.prevent=\"placeOrder\" onsubmit=\"$('#processing').show();\">

Now it's done so let's check it.
So switch to the browser and lets add some product to cart and now click on checkout.
If I click on with entering any details
You can see after showing the validation error message
The processing icon is get invisible.
Alright now lets enter the details. And click on place order now
And here you see the processing message.
And order has been placed
So in this way you can Show processing message when placing an order.