In this video we are going to learn about Importing Images.
In react there two option to store an show the image inside the react component.
One from public folder and aother is from src folder.
Lets see one by one.
First get image and display inside the component from the src folder Alright.
Switch to the project.
Inside the src folder you can see.
There is svg image of react logo.
Now get this image and show it inside the component.
So just open a compent.
Lest open about component and here impart the image.
So just write here.

import ReactLogo from '. /logo.svg';

Now inside the render method just add img tag as following.

<img src={ReactLogo } alt=\"react logo\" width=\"500\" />

Now save the file and lets check so.
Switch to browser and click on about.
You can see the image.
Now lets see the second option.
Lest get image from public directory and display it into the component.
So inside the about component add one more img tag.

<img src={process.env.PUBLIC_URL +\"/logo192.png\"} width=\"192\" />

Now save the file.
Lets check again.
You can see the images.
So in this way you can import and display the images inside the react components.