C# for Data Visualization: Charts and Graphs

C# can be used for creating data visualization applications, and one popular way to visualize data is by using JavaScript libraries like Chart.js. In this guide, we'll explore how to integrate C# with Chart.js to create interactive charts and graphs.

Using Chart.js for Data Visualization

Chart.js is a JavaScript library that allows you to create interactive and responsive charts and graphs in web applications. You can use C# in combination with HTML and JavaScript to generate data and populate charts dynamically.

Example: Creating a Bar Chart

Let's create a simple example of a bar chart using Chart.js. In this example, we'll create a bar chart to visualize the monthly sales data for a fictional product.


C# can be used in conjunction with JavaScript libraries like Chart.js to create interactive data visualizations. The example provided showcases a basic bar chart, but you can explore more chart types and customization options to meet your specific data visualization needs.

Practice creating data visualization applications with C# to effectively communicate data insights to your users.