Introduction to Blazor: Building Web Apps with C#


Blazor is a modern web framework for building interactive web applications using C# and .NET. With Blazor, you can create web apps that run in the browser without the need for JavaScript. This guide provides an introduction to Blazor and explains how to get started with building web apps using C#.


Before diving into Blazor development, ensure you have the following prerequisites:

  • C# Knowledge: Familiarity with C# programming is essential.
  • .NET Core: Install .NET Core to build and run Blazor applications.
  • IDE: Use Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, or your preferred C# development environment.

Getting Started with Blazor

Let's begin exploring how to build web apps with Blazor:

1. Create a Blazor Project

Use the dotnet CLI or your IDE to create a new Blazor project. You can choose between Blazor WebAssembly (client-side) and Blazor Server (server-side) app models.

2. Develop with C#

Write your web app using C#. You can create components, define routes, and handle user interactions using C# code.

3. Razor Syntax

Blazor uses Razor syntax for building user interfaces. Razor allows you to mix C# and HTML in your views, making it easy to create dynamic web content.

4. Components and Data Binding

Blazor components are the building blocks of your app. You can create reusable components and use data binding to display dynamic content.

5. Debug and Test

Use debugging tools and testing frameworks to ensure your Blazor app is running smoothly and free of errors.

Deployment and Hosting

After developing your Blazor web app, you can deploy it to a web server or cloud hosting platform. Choose the deployment model that fits your project, whether it's a client-side WebAssembly app or a server-side Blazor app.

Resources and Tutorials

Explore online tutorials, official documentation, and the Blazor community to enhance your knowledge of Blazor. Many resources are available to help you build advanced web applications and solve specific challenges.


Blazor is a powerful framework that allows you to build web apps using C# and .NET. By following this guide, you've taken the first steps toward mastering Blazor and creating interactive web applications. As you continue your journey, you'll discover more advanced techniques and build innovative web solutions.