In this video we are going to learn that how we can install and create a node js app.
Node.js is a very powerful JavaScript-based platform.
Built on Google Chrome's JavaScript V8 Engine.
It is used to develop I/O intensive web applications.
Like video streaming sites, single-page applications, and other web applications.
Node.js is open source, completely free, and used by thousands of developers around the world.
Now lets install the node js.
So goto the and form here just download the nodejs setup file.
After downloading the nodejs exe file just execute the setup file.
To confirm whether nodjs is installed or not.
Go to the command prompt and here run the command.

node –version

After running this command it show install node js version.
Alright Now lets create first node js project.
For that first of all create a folder.
I am going to desktop and here just create a folder.
Lets say folder name is nodespro.
Now open it and just open command prompt here.
Alright, inside the command prompt just type.

npm init

After this it will ask for package name, version, entery point and some other things.
So read the instruction and enter the valid value one by one as follows.

Package name lets say package name is nodejspro.
Version 1 press enter.
Description my first nodejs project.
Entry point index.js.
Text command blank.
Git repository blank.
Keywords: blank.
Authoer Surfside Media.
Licence balnk.
Now Press y. Alright node js project is initialized.
So just open this project in Visual Studio Code.
So click on open folder and choose project nodejs.
You can see here the package json file.
Alight now create a new file index.js.
Inside this file just type.

console.log(\"print Welcome to node js\");

Now save the file.
Now run this.
So goto the command prompt and here just type.

node index.js

It will show the \"Welcome to nodejs\" on console.
So in this way you can install and create a new node js app.