In this video we are going to learn about Node package Manager (NPM)
NPM is the core of any application that is developed in Node.js.
It provides huge sets of libraries which acts as great tools for the Node.js developers and speed up the complete application development process.
You can check the npm installed or not on you system by the command.

npm –v

It will show the npm installed version on console.

NPM includes a CLI (Command Line Client) that can be used to download and install moudules:.
Lets see how we can we install any module using npm.
So switch to the command prompt.
Lets install express module.
For that just type here.

npm install express

Now its installing the express freamework module.
If we want to uninstall any module, run the npm uninstall command followed by module name.

npm uninstall express

Now its uninstallng the express module.
You can also search the module by npm.
Lets search express module.
For that just type inside the command prompt.

npm search express

You see here the express module details.
You can also create a new module using npm.
For Creating a module requires package.json to be generated.
So Let's generate package.json using NPM,
Which will generate the basic skeleton of the package.json.
So inside the command prompt run the command.

npm init

Then press enter.
Now You will need to provide all the required information about your module.
Such as Module name, version, description etc.
Once package.json is generated, use the npm adduser command to register yourself with NPM repository site using a valid email address.
And finally publish the module with npm publish command.
So in this way you can use the node package manager(NPM).