In this video we are going to learn about Interpolation.
Angular interpolation is used to display component properties into the respective view template with the help of double curly braces.
We can display all kind of properties data into view like string, number, date, arrays, list or map.
Data binding consist of one way data binding and two way data binding.
Interpolation is used for one way data binding.
Lets create some properties and display it into the component view.
So switch to project and lets open app.component.ts.
Here lets create some properties.
Now access these properties into App.commponent.html file and display it using Interpolation.
So just open app.component.html and here lets access first name and last name.
So just write here.

Name: {{ firstName }} {{lastName}}

Now save the file and lets check.
So switch to the browser and you can see the name Kerry Smith.
Now display the phone email and age.
So just write here.

Phone: {{phone}}
Email: {{email}}

Now save and see the result.
You can see here the phone email and age.
Now lets access the this array hobbies.
Just write here.

Hobbies {{hobbies}}

Save and see the result.
You can see the bobbies.
If you want to display any one hobbies then just write.

{{ hobbies[0] }}

You can see here the first hobby.
If I put here 1 then it will shows the 2nd hobies.
You can see here.
Now add the index 2 and here you can see the 3 hobies.
Now lets access the this address object.

Address :
{{address.street}, {{}}, {{address.state}},

Now see it into browser.
and you can see the address.
You can alos use the airthmatc operation with interpolation.


You can see the the result.
So in this way you can use interpolation in angular 10.