In this video we are going to learn about Module.
In angular, a module is a mechanism to group components, directives, pipes and services that are related in such a way that can be combined with other modules to create an application.
Alright so let see how can we create a module.
So switch to the command prompt and here just type command.

ng g m auth

Module has been created.
Lets see this module so switch to the project and just go inside the src directory now open app directory.
Here you can see the auth directory.
Inside this auth directory auth module has been crated.
Just open this auth.module.ts file.
Here you can see the ngModule.
Which is used to define the Angular module and these are the module properties.
Alright, now lets create some components inside this auth module.

ng g c auth/login

Creae one more component.

ng g c auth/signup

Login and signup components has been created.
So lets switch to the project just open auth.module.ts file and here you can see both component login and signup automatically imported here.
Now inside the ngModule add one more property which is exports.


Now add the components.
So just type her LoginComponent and SignupComponent.
Now add some text to login component.
So just open login.component.html and add text here.

<h1>Login Component</h1>

Now add text into the Signup Component.

<h1>Signup component</h1>

Now add this auth module with the app.module.ts.
So just open app.module.ts file and here.
First of all import the auth module.
So just write here.

import {AuthModule} from './auth/auth.module';

Now add this AuthModule into the imports Array.
Now save the all and lets check.
So switch to the browser and.
You can see the login component and signup component.
Which are coming from auth module.
So in this way you can create module in angular 10.