In this video we are going to learn about Pipes.
Pipe is used to transform data. It is denoted by symbol |.
Pipe takes integers, strings, arrays, and date as input separated with |.
It transforms the data in the format as required and displays the same in the browser.
Angular 10 provides some built-in pipes like:
So lets see how can we use pipe in Angular 10.
Before using pipes lets create some properties.
So go to the app.component.ts file and lets create properties.

fullName = \"Mark John\";
currentDate = new Date();
fruits= ['Mango', 'Orange', 'Apple', 'Pineapple','Banana'];
user = {\"name\":\"Mark John\",\"age\":24, \"email\":\"\",\"Phone\":\"1234567890\"}

Now lets see the uses of pipe.
First of all see the string pipe So go to the app.component.html file.
Just write here.


Now you can see here the name.
Now using pipe convert it into uppercase for that.
Just add the pipe sign here and just write here uppercase.

{{fullName | uppercase}}

Now you can see here the name is in the uppercase.
If we want to print name in lower case so for that just write here.

{{fullName | lowercase}}

Now you can see here name in lower case.
Now lets see the date pipe.
Just print the date so inside the currely brackete just type.


Now you can see the current date.
Alright, if we want to print date in specific format.

{{currentDate | date:'d/M/y' }}

Now you can
see here the date is in the d M y format.

Now if we want to print time only.
Then just write here.

{{currentDate | date :'shortTime'}}

You can see here the time.
Now lets see the json pipe.

{{user | json}}

and here you can see the json formatted data.
Now lets see the currency pipe.
For that just write here the any amount.


You can see the amount here.
If we want to print this amount with currency symbol.

{{25.12 | currency:'USD'}}

Then just add the | sign here and in double quote currency name \"USD\".
Now you can see the $25.12.
Alright now lets see the decimal pipe.
For that.
Just write here a decimal value.


Now you can see the this decimal.
Here if we want to display only 2 number after the point.

{{45.324234234 | number:'2.2-2'}}
Now you can see the number.
In last lets see the slice pipe.
Here I am just going to print the array.


Now you can see the array.
If we want to slice this array.
For that just write here.

{{fruits | slice:1:3}}

Now you can see here the sliced array , it sliced array from index 1 to 3.
So in this way you can use pipes in angular 10.