Fuzzy logic is a powerful tool for dealing with uncertainty and imprecision in decision-making and control systems. MATLAB provides excellent support for working with fuzzy logic, allowing you to design and implement fuzzy systems for various applications. In this guide, we'll introduce you to the basics of fuzzy logic in MATLAB and provide sample code to get you started with fuzzy logic-based projects.

Understanding Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy logic is based on the concept of fuzzy sets, which allow values to belong to a set to varying degrees. It is particularly useful when dealing with problems that have imprecise or ambiguous inputs. Fuzzy logic systems consist of three main components:

  • Fuzzification: Converting input values into fuzzy sets using linguistic variables.
  • Fuzzy Inference: Applying fuzzy rules to make decisions or control actions.
  • Defuzzification: Converting fuzzy output into a crisp result.

Using Fuzzy Logic in MATLAB

Here's a simple example of how to create a fuzzy inference system in MATLAB:

% Create fuzzy input variables
temp = fisvar('input', 'Temperature', [-10 40]);
humidity = fisvar('input', 'Humidity', [0 100]);
% Create fuzzy output variable
fan_speed = fisvar('output', 'Fan Speed', [0 100]);
% Define membership functions
temp = addmf(temp, 'gaussmf', [7 20], 'Cold');
temp = addmf(temp, 'gaussmf', [7 20], 'Comfortable');
temp = addmf(temp, 'gaussmf', [7 20], 'Hot');
humidity = addmf(humidity, 'trimf', [0 40 80], 'Low');
humidity = addmf(humidity, 'trimf', [20 60 100], 'Medium');
humidity = addmf(humidity, 'trimf', [60 100 100], 'High');
fan_speed = addmf(fan_speed, 'trimf', [0 25 50], 'Low');
fan_speed = addmf(fan_speed, 'trimf', [25 50 75], 'Medium');
fan_speed = addmf(fan_speed, 'trimf', [50 75 100], 'High');
% Create fuzzy rules
rule1 = addrule([1 1], 1);
rule2 = addrule([2 2], 2);
rule3 = addrule([3 3], 3);
% Perform fuzzy inference
engine = newfis('Fan Speed Control', 'mamdani', 'min', 'max', 'centroid');
engine = addvar(engine, temp);
engine = addvar(engine, humidity);
engine = addvar(engine, fan_speed);
engine = addrule(engine, rule1);
engine = addrule(engine, rule2);
engine = addrule(engine, rule3);
% Evaluate the fuzzy system
temp_input = 25;
humidity_input = 70;
fan_speed_output = evalfis([temp_input, humidity_input], engine);

This code demonstrates the creation of fuzzy input and output variables, defining membership functions, setting up fuzzy rules, and evaluating a fuzzy system in MATLAB.


Fuzzy logic in MATLAB offers a powerful and flexible way to handle uncertainty and imprecision in various applications, from control systems to decision support. By understanding the basics of fuzzy logic and using MATLAB's extensive capabilities, you can design and implement fuzzy systems tailored to your specific needs.