In this video we are going to learn about how to create Admin Services Page.
So let see how can we create services page for the Admin.
So first of all lets login by the admin credentials
Click on login link
And enter the admin email id which is
And enter the password which is 12345678
Now click on login
Now lets create a new livewire component
Switch to the command prompt
And for creating the livewire component execute the command

php artisan make:livewire admin/AdminServicesComponent

Now press enter
Alright component created now switch to the project And lets create the route for this component
So go inside the routes directory then open web.php file
Inside the admin middleware group
Lets create the route


Now open the base layout file
So go inside the resources directory then views layouts
from here open base.blade.php
Inside this layout file lets find the admin menu
Here is the admin menu
Before the logout link lets create link for the All Services

<li><a href=\"{{route('admin.all_services')}}\">All Services</a></li>

Now lets open the AdminServiceComponent Class file and add the following code


namespace App\\Http\\Livewire\\Admin;

use App\\Models\\Service;
use Livewire\\Component;
use Livewire\\WithPagination;

class AdminServicesComponent extends Component
use WithPagination;

public function render()
$services = Service::paginate(10);
return view('livewire.admin.admin-services-component',['services'=>$services])->layout('layouts.base');

Alright now open admin-category-component.blade.php view file and write the following code

nav svg{
height: 20px;
nav .hidden{
display: block !important;
<div class=\"section-title-01 honmob\">
<div class=\"bg_parallax image_02_parallax\"></div>
<div class=\"opacy_bg_02\">
<div class=\"container\">
<h1>All Services</h1>
<div class=\"crumbs\">
<li><a href=\"/\">Home</a></li>
<li>All Services</li>
<section class=\"content-central\">
<div class=\"content_info\">
<div class=\"paddings-mini\">
<div class=\"container\">
<div class=\"row portfolioContainer\">
<div class=\"col-md-12 profile1\">
<div class=\"panel panel-default\">
<div class=\"panel-heading\">
<div class=\"row\">
<div class=\"col-md-6\">
All Service
<div class=\"col-md-6\">
<a href=\"#\" class=\"btn btn-info pull-right\">Add New</a>
<div class=\"panel-body\">
<div class=\"alert alert-success\" role=\"alert\">{{Session::get('message')}}</div>
<table class=\"table table-striped\">
<th>Created At</th>
@foreach($services as $service)
<td><img src=\"{{asset('images/services/thumbnails')}}/{{$service->thumbnail}}\" height=\"60\" /> </td>
<a href=\"#\"><i class=\"fa fa-edit fa-2x text-info\"></i></a>
<a href=\"#\" style=\"margin-left:10px;\"><i class=\"fa fa-times fa-2x text-danger\"></i></a>

Now its done lets check it
So first of all run the application
Switch to the command prompt and type the command

Php artisan serve

Now switch to the browser and refresh the page
Inside the admin menu you can see here the category link now click on it
Now you see here the categories
So in this way you can create Admin Services Page.