In this video we are going to learn about Show Appliance Services on Homepage.
So let see how can we Show Appliance Services on Homepage.
For that switch to the project and lets open the HomeComponent.php Class file and inside the render method lets fetch services which are lated to applicance.
So first of all lets get all category id which are related to appliance categories

So write here

$sId = ServiceCategory::whereIn('slug',['ac','tv','refrigerator','geyser','water-purifier'])->get()->pluck('id');

Now lets fetch all services according to these categories ids.

$aservices = Service::whereIn('service_category_id',$sId)->inRandomOrder()->take(8)->get();

Now return this $aservices to the component view file
Now go to the view home-component.blade.php view file and inside this caresouel add the following code.

<div class=\"container\">
<div class=\"row\">
<div class=\"titles\">
<i class=\"fa fa-plane\"></i>
<hr class=\"tall\">
<div id=\"boxes-carousel\">
@foreach($aservices as $aservice)
<a class=\"g-list\" href=\"{{route('home.service_details',['service_slug'=>$aservice->slug])}}\">
<div class=\"img-hover\">
<img src=\"{{ asset('images/services/thumbnails') }}/{{$aservice->thumbnail}}\" alt=\"{{$aservice->name}}\" class=\"img-responsive\">

<div class=\"info-gallery\">
<hr class=\"separator\">
<div class=\"content-btn\"><a href=\"{{route('home.service_details',['service_slug'=>$aservice->slug])}}\"
class=\"btn btn-primary\">Book Now</a></div>
<div class=\"price\"><span>$</span><b>From</b>${{$aservice->price}}</div>

Now its done so lets check it
So switch to the browser and refresh the page.
And you can see the appliance services.
So in this way you can Show Appliance Services on Homepage.