In this video we are going to learn about Create Services
So let see how can Create Services
First of all lets create the model and migration for Services
Go to the command prompt
And for creating the model just write here the command

php artisan make:model Service –m

Now switch to the project and lets open the migration
Inside this migration lets add columns

public function up()
Schema::create('services', function (Blueprint $table) {

Now lets open the Service Model
And here lets add the table name
and create function for getting the category

class Service extends Model
use HasFactory;

protected $table = \"services\";

public function category()
return $this->belongsTo(ServiceCategory::class,'service_category_id');

Now lets open the ServiceCategory Model and and create a function for getting the services

class ServiceCategory extends Model
use HasFactory;

protected $table = \"service_categories\";

public function services()
return $this->hasMany(Service::class);

Alright now lets migrate the migration
So switch to the command prompt and
And for migration just type the command

Php artisan migrate

Now lets check the database so go to the phpMyAdmin and open the homeservicesdb databse
Now here you can see the service table
Now lets insert some records into the services table For that lets create the factory
For creating the factory type the command

php artisan make:factory ServiceFactory

Now swtich to the project and lets open this factory
So from database directory
Factories and and from here lets open this


namespace Database\\Factories;

use App\\Models\\Service;
use Illuminate\\Database\\Eloquent\\Factories\\Factory;
use Illuminate\\Support\\Str;

class ServiceFactory extends Factory
* The name of the factory's corresponding model.
* @var string
protected $model = Service::class;

* Define the model's default state.
* @return array
public function definition()
$service_name = $this->faker->unique()->words($nb=4,$asText=true);
$slug = Str::slug($service_name,\"-\");
$imageName = 'service_'. $this->faker->unique()->numberBetween(1,20). '.jpg';
return [
'name' => $service_name,
'slug' => $slug,
'tagline' => $this->faker->text(20),
'service_category_id' => $this->faker->numberBetween(1,20),
'price' => $this->faker->numberBetween(100,500),
'image' => $imageName,
'thumbnail' => $imageName,
'description' => $this->faker->text(500),
'inclusion' => $this->faker->text(20) .'|' . $this->faker->text(20) .'|' .$this->faker->text(20) .'|'. $this->faker->text(20) .'|'. $this->faker->text(20),
'exclusion' => $this->faker->text(20) .'|' . $this->faker->text(20) .'|' .$this->faker->text(20) .'|'. $this->faker->text(20) .'|'. $this->faker->text(20)

Now write here Now open the databaseSeeder .php file
And here

public function run()

Now run this seeder so go to command prompt and
Runt the command

Php artisan db:seed

Ok seeding complete now lets check the table
So go to the phpMyAdmin
And refresh the table and here you can see all 20 services
So in this way you can create Services