Kotlin and Android Testing - Getting Started

Testing is a crucial part of Android app development to ensure the reliability and correctness of your code. In this guide, we'll explore how to get started with testing Android apps using Kotlin.

Setting Up Testing Environment

Before you start writing tests, you need to set up your testing environment. In Android Studio, you can create an Android Test module for your app. This module is specifically for writing and running tests.

Writing Unit Tests

Unit tests are used to test individual components of your app, such as functions and classes. You can write unit tests in Kotlin using the JUnit testing framework. Here's a simple example:

import org.junit.Test
import org.junit.Assert.assertEquals
class CalculatorTest {
fun addition_isCorrect() {
val calculator = Calculator()
val result = calculator.add(2, 3)
assertEquals(5, result)

In this code, we create a unit test for a `Calculator` class. We test the `add` function and use the `assertEquals` method to check if the result is as expected.

Writing Instrumented Tests

Instrumented tests, also known as UI tests, allow you to test your app's functionality in a more real-world context. You can use Espresso for writing instrumented tests in Kotlin. Here's a basic example:

import androidx.test.espresso.Espresso.onView
import androidx.test.espresso.action.ViewActions.click
import androidx.test.espresso.matcher.ViewMatchers.withId
import androidx.test.rule.ActivityTestRule
import org.junit.Rule
import org.junit.Test
class MainActivityInstrumentedTest {
val activityRule = ActivityTestRule(MainActivity::class.java)
fun buttonClick_opensNewActivity() {
// Check if the new activity is opened

In this code, we use Espresso to perform a click action on a button in the `MainActivity` and then check if a new activity is opened as expected.

Running Tests

You can run tests in Android Studio by right-clicking on your test class or test package and selecting "Run 'Tests in ...'." The results will be displayed in the "Run" window, showing the pass or fail status of each test.


Testing your Android app using Kotlin is essential to ensure that your code works as expected and to catch any potential issues early in the development process. Whether you're writing unit tests for code components or instrumented tests for app functionality, testing is a critical part of Android app development.

Happy testing with Kotlin and Android!