Heroku is a popular cloud platform that allows you to deploy and host web applications easily. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of hosting your Flask app on Heroku. You'll learn how to set up a Heroku account, prepare your Flask app for deployment, deploy it to Heroku, and make it accessible to the world.

Step 1: Create a Heroku Account

If you don't already have a Heroku account, sign up for one on the Heroku website. Heroku offers a free tier that allows you to deploy and host small applications without cost.

Step 2: Install Heroku CLI

Heroku provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) that allows you to interact with your Heroku account and applications. Install the Heroku CLI on your local machine by following the instructions provided on the Heroku Dev Center.

Step 3: Prepare Your Flask App

Before deploying your Flask app to Heroku, ensure it's ready for production. This involves:

  • Updating your Flask app's configuration for production (e.g., setting "DEBUG" to "False").
  • Creating a requirements.txt file with a list of dependencies.
  • Adding a Procfile to specify how Heroku should run your app.
  • Setting up a production-ready database (e.g., using a PostgreSQL database on Heroku).
  • Securing your app with proper access controls and handling sensitive information securely.

Step 4: Deploy Your Flask App to Heroku

Use the Heroku CLI to deploy your Flask app. Here are the general steps:

  1. Log in to your Heroku account using the command heroku login.
  2. Change your directory to your Flask app's root directory.
  3. Initialize a Git repository if you haven't already with git init.
  4. Add your files, commit changes, and push them to Heroku with the following commands:
    git add .
    git commit -m "Initial commit"
    heroku create
    git push heroku master

Step 5: Access Your Deployed App

Once your app is successfully deployed, you can access it using the URL provided by Heroku. Your app will be live and accessible to the world. Share the URL with others to showcase your Flask app.


Heroku is a convenient platform for hosting web applications, including Flask apps. By following these steps and using Heroku's powerful tools, you can easily deploy your Flask app and make it accessible online for users to enjoy.