Creating a Simple Quiz App with Ruby


A quiz app is an interactive tool that allows users to answer questions and receive feedback on their performance. Creating a simple quiz app with Ruby is a great way to apply your programming skills and provide an engaging experience for users. In this guide, we'll explore the basics of building a quiz app using Ruby.


Before you start, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of the Ruby programming language
  • A code editor (e.g., Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text)
  • Familiarity with HTML and web development concepts

Step 1: Set Up the Project

Create a new Ruby project folder and organize it into directories. You can structure your project with a Ruby script for the quiz logic and HTML/CSS for the frontend interface. Organize your project for clear separation of concerns.

Step 2: Design the Quiz

Design the quiz questions and answers. You can store quiz data in a Ruby hash or an external JSON file. Define questions, answer options, and correct answers. Here's an example question in a Ruby hash:

questions = [
question: 'What is the capital of France?',
options: ['London', 'Berlin', 'Paris', 'Madrid'],
answer: 'Paris'
// Add more questions here

Step 3: Create the User Interface

Design the user interface for the quiz using HTML and CSS. You can create a form for answering questions and display the current question and score. Here's a simple HTML form for the quiz:

<form action="/check_answer" method="post">
<p><%= question %></p>
<% options.each do |option| %>
<input type="radio" name="answer" value="<%= option %>" required><%= option %><br>
<% end %>
<input type="submit" value="Submit">

Step 4: Create Ruby Logic

Write Ruby code to handle user inputs, check answers, and calculate the score. You can use a Ruby script with Sinatra to create a web-based quiz app. Here's a sample Ruby script to handle the quiz logic:

require 'sinatra'
enable :sessions
questions = [ # Define your questions here ]
get '/' do
session[:score] ||= 0
if session[:question_index].nil?
session[:question_index] = 0
if session[:question_index] < questions.length
@question = questions[session[:question_index]]
erb :quiz
erb :result
post '/check_answer' do
answer = params['answer']
if answer == questions[session[:question_index]][:answer]
session[:score] += 1
session[:question_index] += 1
redirect '/'


Creating a simple quiz app with Ruby is a rewarding project that combines programming, web development, and user interaction. You can expand this app by adding more questions, time limits, and leaderboards for users to compete with each other.

Use this app for educational purposes, entertainment, or to engage your website visitors with interactive content. Ruby is a versatile language for web development, making it a suitable choice for building quiz applications.

Enjoy building your quiz app with Ruby!