TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, continues to evolve, providing developers with new features and improvements. TypeScript 5 is expected to bring exciting enhancements to the language, compiler, and tooling. In this guide, we'll explore what to expect in TypeScript 5 and provide sample code snippets to illustrate some of the upcoming features.

Expected Features in TypeScript 5

TypeScript 5 is anticipated to introduce several valuable features and improvements:

  • ECMAScript 2023 Support: TypeScript 5 will align with the ECMAScript 2023 standard, bringing new language features and compatibility.
  • Pattern Matching: Pattern matching, a powerful language feature, is expected to be introduced, making code more expressive and concise.
  • Enhanced Nullish Coalescing: TypeScript 5 is likely to improve the nullish coalescing operator for safer code.
  • Improved Tooling: Enhanced tooling and editor support are expected, improving the development experience.

Sample Code Illustrations

Let's take a look at some sample code snippets that showcase the expected features in TypeScript 5:

// ECMAScript 2023 support
const mySet = new Set<string>();
// Pattern Matching
type Shape = { kind: "circle"; radius: number } | { kind: "square"; sideLength: number };
function getArea(shape: Shape) {
switch (shape.kind) {
case "circle":
return Math.PI * shape.radius ** 2;
case "square":
return shape.sideLength ** 2;
// Enhanced Nullish Coalescing
const user = { name: "John", age: 0 };
const displayName = ?? "Unknown";
const displayAge = user.age ?? 18;
// Improved Tooling (TypeScript 5 Editor)
const greeting: string = "Hello, TypeScript!";

These code snippets provide a glimpse of the ECMAScript 2023 support, pattern matching, enhanced nullish coalescing, and improved tooling expected in TypeScript 5.


TypeScript 5 promises to bring exciting new features and improvements to the language, compiler, and tooling, enhancing the development experience for TypeScript developers. As TypeScript 5 is officially released, it's essential to stay updated and explore these new capabilities for more robust and expressive code.