Creating Your First Google Cloud Account - Step-by-Step

Welcome to the step-by-step guide on how to create your first Google Cloud account. Follow these instructions to get started with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Step 1: Visit the Google Cloud Website

Open your web browser and go to the Google Cloud website.

Step 2: Click "Get Started"

On the Google Cloud homepage, click the "Get Started" button. This will begin the account creation process.

Step 3: Sign In with Your Google Account

If you already have a Google account (e.g., Gmail), sign in with your existing credentials. If you don't have one, click "Create account" and follow the steps to create a Google account.

Step 4: Complete Your Personal Information

Provide the required information, including your first and last name, current email address, and a password. Click "Next" to continue.

Step 5: Agree to the Terms of Service

Review and accept the Google Cloud Terms of Service. Make sure to read the terms carefully. Once you agree, click "Agree and continue."

Step 6: Set Up Billing

Next, you'll need to set up billing information. Google Cloud offers a free trial with a $300 credit, but you'll need to enter payment information. You won't be charged unless you exceed the free trial credits. Follow the steps to enter your billing details.

Step 7: Verify Your Phone Number

For security purposes, Google may ask you to verify your phone number. Enter your phone number, and you'll receive a verification code via SMS or a phone call. Enter the code to verify your number.

Step 8: Complete the Sign-Up Process

After verifying your phone number, you'll be directed to the Google Cloud Console. Here, you can create your first project, access GCP services, and manage your account.

Step 9: Explore Google Cloud Services

Congratulations! You now have a Google Cloud account. Explore the wide range of services GCP offers, from virtual machines to data analytics and machine learning. Start building your own applications and projects using Google Cloud!


Creating your first Google Cloud account is the first step towards leveraging the power of cloud computing. With GCP, you have access to a wealth of tools and services to build, deploy, and scale your applications. Take full advantage of this powerful platform and start your cloud journey today!