Setting Up a Basic Google Cloud VPN

Google Cloud VPN allows you to establish secure and private connections between your on-premises network and your Google Cloud resources. In this guide, we'll explore the key concepts and use cases of Google Cloud VPN and provide a sample Python code snippet for setting up a basic VPN connection using the Google Cloud VPN API.

Key Concepts

Before we dive into the code, let's understand some key concepts related to Google Cloud VPN:

  • VPN Gateway: A VPN gateway is a resource in Google Cloud that represents the local end of a VPN connection. It serves as the interface to your on-premises network.
  • Tunnel: A VPN tunnel is a secure channel used to transmit encrypted data between the VPN gateway and the on-premises VPN device.
  • Shared Secret: A shared secret is a pre-shared key (PSK) used to authenticate the VPN connection between your on-premises device and the VPN gateway.

Sample Code: Setting Up a VPN Connection

Here's a sample Python code snippet for setting up a basic VPN connection in Google Cloud using the Google Cloud VPN API. To use this code, you need to have the necessary permissions and configure your on-premises VPN device:

from google.auth import compute_engine
from googleapiclient import discovery
# Authenticate with Google Cloud using the default service account
credentials = compute_engine.Credentials()
vpn ='vpn', 'v1beta1', credentials=credentials)
# Define the project ID and VPN configuration
project_id = 'your-project-id'
vpn_gateway_name = 'your-vpn-gateway-name'
region = 'us-central1'
shared_secret = 'your-shared-secret'
# Create a VPN gateway request
vpn_gateway_body = {
'name': vpn_gateway_name,
'network': f'projects/{project_id}/global/networks/default',
'region': region,
'ikeVersion': 'IKE_V2',
'sharedSecret': shared_secret,
print(f'VPN gateway {vpn_gateway_name} created in project {project_id}')

Replace `'your-project-id'`, `'your-vpn-gateway-name'`, `'us-central1'`, and `'your-shared-secret'` with your project ID, desired VPN gateway name, region, and shared secret. This code creates a VPN gateway in Google Cloud.


Setting up a basic Google Cloud VPN is essential for establishing secure connections between your on-premises network and Google Cloud resources. By understanding the key concepts and using the provided code snippet, you can effectively set up a VPN connection to enhance the security and accessibility of your resources.