Introduction to Google Cloud Recommendations AI - Machine Learning

Google Cloud Recommendations AI is a powerful machine learning service that enables businesses to build personalized recommendation systems. In this guide, we'll explore the key concepts and steps to get started with Google Cloud Recommendations AI, including a sample code snippet for using Recommendations AI.

Key Concepts

Before we dive into the code, let's understand some key concepts related to Google Cloud Recommendations AI:

  • Recommendation Models: Recommendations AI allows you to create custom recommendation models tailored to your business needs. You can build models for products, content, or any items you want to recommend to users.
  • User and Item Data: To train recommendation models, you need user and item data, such as user interactions with products or content. Recommendations AI supports various data types, including historical user behavior and item metadata.
  • Prediction Services: Recommendations AI provides prediction services that deliver real-time recommendations to your applications, websites, or marketing channels. These services are powered by machine learning models trained on your data.

Sample Code: Using Google Cloud Recommendations AI

Here's a sample code snippet for using Google Cloud Recommendations AI to make personalized product recommendations. To use this code, you need to have a Google Cloud project set up and Recommendations AI configured:

# Import the necessary libraries
from import retail_v2beta
# Define your project ID and location
project_id = 'your-project-id'
location = 'us-central1'
# Initialize the Recommendations AI client
client = retail_v2beta.ProductServiceClient()
# Define the product ID for which you want recommendations
product_id = 'your-product-id'
# Build a user event to represent user interactions
user_event = retail_v2beta.UserEvent()
user_event.event_type = retail_v2beta.UserEvent.EventType.VIEW
user_event.product_details = product_id
# Define a user and session
user_event.user_info = {'user_id': 'user-123'}
user_event.uri = 'user-session-456'
# Create a recommendation request
recommendation_request = retail_v2beta.PredictRequest()
recommendation_request.placement = 'homepage'
recommendation_request.user_event = user_event
recommendation_request.page_size = 5
# Get personalized recommendations
recommendations = client.predict(recommendation_request)
for recommendation in recommendations.results:
print(f'Recommended Product ID: {}')
print(f'Recommended Product Title: {recommendation.title}')
print(f'Recommended Product Score: {recommendation.relevance_score}')
print('Recommendations retrieved successfully.')

Replace `'your-project-id'`, `'us-central1'`, `'your-product-id'`, and other details as needed. This code demonstrates how to use Recommendations AI to fetch personalized product recommendations for a specific user based on their interactions.


Google Cloud Recommendations AI is a valuable tool for enhancing user experiences by providing personalized recommendations. By understanding the key concepts and using the provided code snippet, you can start building recommendation systems tailored to your business needs.