Setting Up Custom Domains with Google Cloud DNS


Google Cloud DNS allows you to set up custom domains for your websites, applications, and services. Whether you want to host a simple website, create subdomains, or manage DNS records for your applications, Google Cloud DNS provides a scalable and reliable platform to manage your custom domains.

Key Concepts

Before you begin setting up custom domains with Google Cloud DNS, it's important to understand key concepts:

  • DNS Records: These are the entries in your DNS zone that define how domain names relate to IP addresses and other DNS-related information.
  • Resource Records: These are specific types of DNS records, including A (IPv4 address), CNAME (canonical name), MX (mail exchange), and TXT (text) records, among others.
  • DNS Zones: These are containers for storing your DNS records, often associated with a single domain or a subdomain.

Setting Up a Custom Domain

To set up a custom domain with Google Cloud DNS, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Google Cloud project or select an existing one.
  2. Enable the Google Cloud DNS API for your project.
  3. Create a DNS zone for your custom domain within your project.
  4. Add DNS records to your zone, such as A records for IP addresses and CNAME records for aliases.
  5. Update the domain registrar's settings to point to Google Cloud DNS name servers.

Sample DNS Configuration

Here's an example of creating a DNS zone and adding an A record for a custom domain using the `gcloud` command-line tool:

    gcloud dns managed-zones create my-dns-zone
gcloud dns record-sets transaction start --zone=my-dns-zone
gcloud dns record-sets transaction add --zone=my-dns-zone --type=A --ttl=3600 --addrs=
gcloud dns record-sets transaction execute --zone=my-dns-zone

This code creates a DNS zone named "my-dns-zone" for the domain "" and adds an A record pointing "" to the IP address


Setting up custom domains with Google Cloud DNS provides flexibility and control over your domain's DNS records. It allows you to easily associate domain names with IP addresses, making your websites and applications accessible over the internet. Google Cloud DNS ensures high availability, scalability, and reliability for your custom domain management needs.

For detailed documentation and advanced configurations, refer to the Google Cloud DNS documentation.