Introduction to Google Cloud Deployment Manager - Infrastructure as Code


Google Cloud Deployment Manager is a powerful service that allows you to define, deploy, and manage Google Cloud resources using Infrastructure as Code (IaC). It enables you to create, update, and delete cloud resources in a consistent and repeatable manner, improving automation, collaboration, and reliability.

Key Concepts

Before we explore Google Cloud Deployment Manager, it's important to understand some key concepts:

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC): IaC is the practice of defining and managing cloud resources using code, typically in a declarative format. This code can be versioned, tested, and shared like traditional software code.
  • Deployment Configuration: A deployment configuration is a set of resource definitions and deployment properties that specify the desired state of your cloud infrastructure.
  • Templates: Templates are files that define the structure and properties of cloud resources. Google Cloud Deployment Manager supports Jinja2 and Python-based templates.

Using Google Cloud Deployment Manager

Let's explore how to use Google Cloud Deployment Manager effectively:

1. Define Your Infrastructure

Start by defining your cloud infrastructure using YAML or Python-based templates. These templates describe the resources you want to create, their properties, and any dependencies between them.

    # Example YAML template for a Google Cloud Storage bucket
- name: my-storage-bucket
type: storage.v1.bucket
location: US

2. Create a Deployment Configuration

Create a deployment configuration file that specifies which templates to use, as well as any input properties required by the templates. This configuration file represents your desired infrastructure state.

    # Example YAML deployment configuration
- path: path/to/my-template.yaml
- name: my-storage-bucket
type: path/to/my-template.yaml

3. Deploy Your Infrastructure

Use the Google Cloud Deployment Manager command-line tool to create and manage your resources. Deploy your infrastructure by running the deployment command and specifying the configuration file.

    # Deploy the infrastructure
gcloud deployment-manager deployments create my-deployment --config my-config.yaml


Google Cloud Deployment Manager simplifies cloud resource management by allowing you to define and manage infrastructure as code. By using templates, deployment configurations, and the deployment manager tool, you can achieve consistent and repeatable infrastructure deployment, improving automation and reliability.

For comprehensive documentation and advanced configurations, refer to the Google Cloud Deployment Manager documentation.